2009. január 14.

Szivárvány kari

Ajándék egy kis barátnőmnek:)

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Ági mama írta...

Jaj! nagyon kis aranyos lett!!

Gvendolin írta...

:) Köszönöm!

Silagà Designs írta...

Hi, Gvendolin! Really nice this bracelet! Come and visit me!
Grazia / Silagà


Gvendolin írta...

Hi, Grazia! Thank you! Sorry, I try to post your blog, but I can't leave a post, because I can't understand the Italian language:(
So i say here: Your work is beautiful! I like the colors, what you use!

Sorry, but my english is not too good:(

Silagà Designs írta...

Hi, Gvendolin!! thanks for the message! I do not know your language too, but I tried and I succeeded ^__^
To leave a comment on my blog just go at the end of a post, then click on "commenti" (the page will change)and then click again on "lascia un commento"(=leave a comment). A little window will open: you can write the url of your blog and you can write your message in the white space. Then just click on "Pubblica commento" (=publish your comment). That's all! Come on, try! It is not so difficult as it seems the first time ^___°
Lots of hugs!

Grazia / Silagà

p.s.: do not worry about your English:I can understand you!

Zsani írta...

Gratulálok a blogodhoz!!! Nagyon szép!!!


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